Can a Locksmith Re-Key a Locked Safe When You've Lost the Key?

When you've lost the key to your safe, a locksmith can help you open it and make a new key. Depending on your needs, the technician will choose the best strategy. If all you want is to open the safe, they will open or pierce the lock. To change the key on a lock, however, you must have the matching key.

Without a matching key, changing the password becomes much more difficult. The locksmith must first open it before they can replace its parts to close it again. This could cost more money than replacing the lock. It could be a house key that someone wants to cut a copy of for emergency purposes.

You'll need to know the model number and key code (Sentry calls it the reference number) that are stamped on the silver cylinder surrounding the lock. Once the locksmith has disassembled the lock and deciphered the type of pins and their order, they can make a matching key. You or your legal representative must be present during this process, and the bank can change the lock and issue new keys to your cash register. Red Rocks Locksmith technicians provide both types of services: changing any type of lock and changing keys of existing ones.

As long as you know the combination of the sphere, a key will unlock it so you can open the safe. Since it's cheaper to change a lock key, locksmiths earn less money when they change the key than when they replace it. If you lose one of the keys to your Bank of America safe deposit box, you must notify Bank of America as soon as possible. Like most banks, Citibank requires that you report any loss or theft of a key to a safe deposit box.

If you can't wait for Sentry to provide you with new keys, a locksmith can help you get in and get your spare keys much faster. For replacement keys, call the manufacturer of the safe or use a locksmith service to create one. Insert one key on one side of the box and have your banker insert their security key at the same time for it to be opened. If you only have one set of keys, it might be wise to visit a locksmith so they can prepare a replacement set for you.

You can take one of your remaining keys to their location in order to change the locks and receive a new replacement key. David is an experienced locksmith who owns RedRocks Locksmith and his passion is providing honest, quality service that helps keep Colorado customers safe and secure while offering advanced solutions on the market. He specializes in re-keying locks when customers have lost their keys or need new ones made quickly and efficiently.

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