Can You Duplicate a Key That Says 'Do Not Duplicate' at Home Depot?

If you're in need of a key copy, Home Depot is the go-to place. They offer key duplication services for almost any type of key, except those for P. O. Boxes, which are regulated by the U.

S. Postal Service. Home Depot can also make keys for cabinet locks, padlocks, and even frame-type keys designed for older locks. I've used these machines many times and they've never failed me. Transponder keys can usually be identified by their thick black plastic housing on the head of the key.

When customers bring me these keys to copy, I know that the machine won't accept them, but I run it anyway to show that I've tried. Unless it's a last resort or you have a lot of money to spend, avoid going to a dealer to buy a new chip key. The technician will then use a specialized key cutting machine to cut the raw part according to the specifications of the original. To use Home Depot's key duplication service, you'll need a working car key so they can clone it. These machines can copy house keys, lock keys and even car keys; however, they cannot duplicate transponder keys or key rings.

If Home Depot can't clone your car keys, you might consider taking a look at AutoZone, which has a wide selection of broken keys. If you don't have your original key, you'll have to ask a locksmith to decode your lock or do it yourself. Although this is an ingenious application, I don't recommend using this type of service or taking pictures of any key that protects something important, such as the front door key. While the machine can cut the key to fit the car's doors and ignition, a professional may be needed to program the key's transponder. Home Depot offers a wide selection of transponder keys for several car brands, including Toyota, Ford, Honda, GM, Chrysler and many others.

If you've lost your only key, you won't be able to use key duplication services and you'll have to call a locksmith to decode the way the lock is opened and give you a new one. Alternatively, customers can purchase raw keys online and use the Key Hero app to manufacture them.

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