What Types of Keys Cannot Be Duplicated?

Transponder keys were first introduced in 1995 and are becoming more and more popular. They are mainly used in cars, but can also be used for front doors, garages, rental properties, safes, and closets. Tubular keys are circular with a ring-shaped hole and a metal cylinder surrounding them. In contrast to the standard plug and drum systems, where the pins move vertically, the pins on tubular faucets are pushed horizontally.

Internal cutting keys, also known as laser-cut keys or side winding keys, have notches in their straight rectangular blade inside a curved slot. These slots are usually on both sides so that the key can be inserted in any upward direction. Four-sided braces, also called cruciform or cross braces, have a total of four sets of teeth that give them a cross-like appearance when viewed from above. Unrestricted keys are standard in most homes and do not require a patent or permission to duplicate them. You can find any unrestricted key sold at your local hardware store and locksmiths can duplicate this key without worry.

However, there are some keys that locksmiths refer to as restricted keys which may not be duplicated due to the original manufacturer's duplication rights. In addition, these keys are more difficult to copy due to the type of equipment needed and the patent-protected design. To do this, the locksmith will need a VATS interrogator to determine the resistance value of the key and then make a copy. When it comes to ensuring effective security, consumers should focus on opting for a patented key control system that helps them know who has access to their home. The biggest advantage of using keyless entry systems is that you no longer have to rely on keys or worry about losing them.

Before buying any key lock, locksmiths always recommend that you consult the company's key duplication policy. Some of the most common reasons include manufacturing a replacement key for emergencies and giving multiple residents or employees access to it. It is always recommended to go to a professional locksmith to make a copy of your keys since they are specialists in the field and are trained to work with all types of keys and their corresponding locks. Keys are an important safety feature, so you should hire a professional to cut them while maintaining the integrity of your door security. While many hardware store chains, such as Ace, may refuse to cut a copy of these keys, a locksmith can easily duplicate them. Since keys are an extremely personal possession, the misuse of which can jeopardize your safety, you should ensure that you obtain a copy of the keys from a trusted place.

Legitimate locksmiths or authorized companies won't copy that key, but that won't stop them from doing so. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do that makes your key truly unique or difficult for others to duplicate. Once you've duplicated a restricted key, you should be able to duplicate the keys as many times as possible. Chubb keys: a larger key with a unique design, Chubb keys take longer to duplicate but locksmiths can certainly duplicate them.

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